Refund of VAT from the U.K. – BREXIT

The U.K. is leaving the EU – This means that also the VAT refund procedure will be changed:

 Invoices/receipts from 2020 (applications submitted before 31 March 2021)

Applications can be submitted electronically using the current system, but the applications must be submitted before 31 March 2021

Please send us all remaining U.K. invoices/receipts dated 2020 as soon as possible in 2021

Applications made after 31 March 2021 (invoices from 2020 and onwards)

All applications made after the 31 March 2021 must be submitted in paper form with the original invoices/receipts.

If you send us invoices/receipts for refund of VAT from the U.K. after 31 March 2021, please send the originals by post/express delivery. If you receive your invoices electronically you can forward the original invoices to us by email – Please send to We will then print the invoices

As soon as we know exactly how the U.K. procedure will be after 31 March 2021 we will inform you.

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BREXIT - VAT refund UK
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