Excise duty from Spain

Partial refund of the Spanish excise duty is only possible for transport companies/bus companies registered in the Spanish vehicle register. Refund is only possible as of the registration date of the trucks.

Who can submit a claim?
Transport companies/bus companies registered within the EU using vehicles with a gross weight higher than 7,5 ton. Maximum refundable amount is 50.000 liters/vehicle/year.

Refund rates per liter
Rates per 01.01.2018 in each region (general rate + regional rate, if applicable):
0,049 EUR in Andalucia
0,025 EUR in Aragón
0,041 EUR in Asturias
0,049 EUR in Baleares
0,001 EUR in Cantabria
0,049 EUR in Castilla La Mancha
0,001 EUR in Castilla Leon
0,049 EUR in Cataluna
0,0394 EUR in Extremadura
0,049 EUR in Galicia
0,018 EUR in Madrid
0,049 EUR in Murcia
0,001 EUR in Navarra
0,001 EUR in La Rioja
0,049 EUR in Valencia
0,001 EUR in Pais Vasco

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